COVID-19 Protocols

It is our goal to be able to help you and your pets.  In order to do this and to keep everyone safe in the face of COVID-19 pandemic, we have instituted the following protocol.  Please bear with us as we think this is a viable option for providing a safe environment for our staff and you. 

We will continue to see our appointments as usual. At this time we are no longer allowing clients -in the building. Everything will be handled curbside.

When you arrive please call us at (660) 747-5162. A technician will gather information regarding the appointment from you and then collect your pet. After the doctor has completed the examination, your pet will be returned to you.

It’s important that you stay here in the parking lot or outside during the appointment time.  Please do not leave unless it’s been arranged in advance.

It is also important during this time to keep your phone on you. The doctor will give you a call once the exam is finished, ask any additional questions, get authorization for diagnostics and treatment, and then collect payment over the phone. During this time, we will take credit card payments over the phone. We are still accepting cash. Our team will come to your car, bring your payment into the clinic and return your change to you.

If you need to pick up medications you may call ahead and pre-pay. Once paid, a mailbox number will be given so when you arrive you may retrieve your pet's medications from the mailbox marked with the given number.  We apologize as we are unable to leave medications out past closing. If medications are not picked up before closing, they will be brought inside and held at the reception desk.

In the event that you want to pick up medications at a later date, please call when you arrive, pay over the phone and we will bring it out to your car for you.

If you would like to purchase food that we have on-hand, call when you arrive and our staff will gladly bring your food to your vehicle. If you need to order food, orders are placed every Friday and received on Mondays.

We appreciate everyone’s patience and cooperation as we all work our way together through this time of uncertainty.


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